Lagos, Portugal

Lagos was the last stop of our trip and the most bittersweet. We found out that we lost our grandpa while we were there, it rained and poured and we were all blue thinking about heading back home. Lagos was probably the priciest place we stayed in, there weren't really a lot of cheap eats which is what we usually try and find. We did find one little hidden restaurant that we enjoyed. We watched the chef prepare lunch for a local soccer team while we enjoyed ours. After the soccer guys left the chef closed his door for lunch and we watched him and his staff of 2 enjoy a bottle of wine and their own meal, which looked so good. Ok I just had to google map to find the restaurant, looks like others love it too ( Casinha do Petisco )

The beaches were quite crowded during the daytime which makes me paranoid with the kids. So I begged for us to go back on our last evening. No one really wanted to go, Ruben knows me too well and knew I was really trying for a good photo op. So after all my whining we went back, and had one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen - all to ourselves. heh heh. Anyways, here are some of my favourite photos from Lagos:

Tavira, Portugal

I think if I could choose anywhere to go and live for the next 3-6 months it would be Tavira. We didn't have any expectations heading there after Sao Miguel, and when we got there - what we found was the most adorable, charming little town. It had the best pieces of our trip all mixed together. Tavira had nearby beaches, a town that you could access everything by foot, so many food options and the best part were the 2 men on the bridge who were there from morning until evening playing music. We stayed right in the centre of the historical town and everyday we had to debate where to eat because there were so many options. Patisseries, espressos, crepes, gelatos, seafood. It was all was SO good. The prices were great, people were friendly. I can't say enough of this place. Calgon, take me away!

Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

When I first started planning our trip, I knew Portugal for sure was going to be a stop, but when I looked further into Portugal there were so many places I wanted us to explore. So we, and when I say we - I mean my mom and I....planned on breaking the trip up into sections. Starting with Sao Miguel Island, and then down in the south, to split our time and visit both the eastern and western sides.

So Ruben's family is from Sao Miguel and when I google mapped it I couldn't actually decipher where is was in relation to everything else. The problem is I was too zoomed in. Zooming out all I saw was ocean. It is seriously a teeny island in the middle of no where. Didn't help my phobias of flying.

We found super cheap tickets through Easy Jet, and I wasn't sure what to expect. At 25 euros a flight I had visions of being on some ghetto cargo plane. But nope, just like our Westjet for a fraction of the cost!

We spent 5 days in Sao Miguel on the northern coast. To sum up the island I would describe it as: Green, Hills, Cows, Coffee, Bacalhau, Cows, Furnas, Teeny Towns, Beaches, Cows and Churches.

We visited Sete Cidades, and afterwards through googling and Instagram, I found out the massive building I saw at the top was an abandoned hotel with some really neat history. Wish I had known before so I could have gone inside and explored! What was an ultra high end hotel in the middle of nowhere sits there now in ruins (see here

Here are some of my favourite photos from our stay on this gorgeous little island! (the first 5 photos are from our overnight stay in Lisbon)

Paris <3

Ahhh Paris...

I didn't put my camera down very much in Paris, with only two days there, I wanted to make sure to capture as many memories as possible. These kids are so lucky to have a built in destination photographer I tell you. I hope they appreciate it one day! Because they sure don't make it easy on me when I am trying to capture something.

I found a really cute place on www.homeaway that was right in the Le Marais district, an adorable (little) apartment central and close to all the sights.

Day one we went to the Musée de l'Orangerie and Musée d'Orsay afterwards we had lunch at the Tuileries Garden and then went on a boat ride up to the Eiffel Tower. It was a perfect day to spend in Paris. I wish we could have seen more, but there is only so much walking you can do in a day with 3 kids.

Day two we had big plans to get up super early to beat the crowd at the Lourve, so we woke up at the crack of dawn to get there early only to find out that the staff was on strike and the museum was closed! So much for seeing the Mona Lisa. The kids had their own fun by running around and chasing the pigeons. But the other tourists that had planned their whole vacation around seeing the museum were royally pissed. Afterwards, if I can remember correctly, we walked up to the Notre Dame. Walking into the Notre Dame with the choir singing was really breath taking. By then the kids were hungry so we walked around the Latin Quarter, and then had lunch at the Luxembourg gardens.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our short visit there:


Last month I managed to swing surprising Ruben SO good for his 40th birthday. I've been slowly editing our photos and reminiscing on all our adventures. It was great to see family and catch up. The highlight of my time in Scotland was seeing my Grandpa and having him meet the girls. Elise's favourite part was walking around Princes Street, Olivia's favourite memory is having ice-cream down in the gardens below the castle. Penny says the plane hurt her ears and that is all she has to say about that. My one regret was that I didn't take more photos there, especially photos of my Grandpa with the girls. But sometimes you just have to put the camera down and enjoy time with your family. Oh and Ruben says his favourite part was everything. He loved everything about Scotland and especially enjoyed hanging out with my family...Prob because they drink so many gin and tonics LOL

Evan & Jess Married | Victoria BC Photographer

Most photographers don't usually meet their client the day of their client's wedding day. But Jess and Evan had other plans for me. Jess was no ordinary bride - a real DIY girl who made her own bouquet, fixed up her altar and was washing up not long before she said her vows. I met Evan earlier in the day as well while he was carrying loads of ice up into a barn. I had no idea who he was because Jess was standing right there sweeping up the barn, like no big deal. I quickly figured out how laid back this wedding was going to be then and there, and LOVED it!

I think everyone should get married this way! I believe this wedding would fall under the "documentary style" category, as Evan and Jess were truly there to be with each other, get married and have a good time surrounded by family and friends. 

And the shots of the sisters getting ready had me so choked up. I can only hope my girls will be as close as these two sisters one day. 

Here are some of my favourite snaps from their day!

It's hot in yyj | victoria bc photographer

it's soooo hot. We have been surviving the past week with lots of popsicles and slurpies. The girls have been loving the trampoline along with the sprinklers being on... I thought the grass would benefit from this set up, but nope. brown as ever. These late warm evenings have been allowing me try and take more pics of the girls. and I think this week-end is going to continue being hot too. If anyone has been following the women's Fifa - keep an eye out for Elise at the final match on Sunday! She will be a player escort and walking out on to the field with the players - pretty exciting! 

glowing mom to be | victoria bc maternity photographer

I met up with this lovely family a few weeks ago and had such a good time photographing them. We went out for a coffee and then enjoyed the warmer weather down at the beach. I couldn't stop smiling while editing these - such a happy and sweet family. Mom has the cutest belly ever! And this little guy will be such an awesome big brother.

baby makes 5 | victoria bc family photographer

Teresa has the cutest baby bump and the most adorable little men. We got together one evening to take some photos before life runs away with us and this baby makes his/her appearance.

What’s crazy is that it feels just like yesterday that I was doing her last maternity shoot. But her boys are little guys now, throwing rocks, climbing trees and doing little cute boy stuff.  

Here are some of my favourites from our evening walk to the beach…

Des and her boys | Victoria BC family photographer

I've been so preoccupied with our new house and the kids that I have left this poor space neglected. Sam was nice enough to help us out with getting our new place wired up after we moved in. If you are ever OCD like I am and hate seeing wires and cords he is the guy to get in touch with! ( Seeing him was a good reminder that we needed to get together for family photos.

Here are some of my favourites from our walk one evening.