10 on 10 april

Last week i took the girls out to do some location scouting for my cousins up-coming wedding. the first photo i took, i asked them to pose like a bride and groom and this is what i got - haha... (susan & rob - take notes!)  after that, they were busy collecting shells, looking for seals and climbing all over the rocks.

the beach had these adorable blue adirondack chairs that overlooked to open ocean, it was truly breath taking being there. ruben and i agreed that one evening we should go back sans kids and have a coffee together. you know... without the screaming kids that scare you to death that they will fall off the cliff side.

so anyways - while i took these i thought of all my lovely canadian friends who are not having such great weather. jodi, sonja & geneve - anytime you want to come visit, you know you have an island travel guide right here! :)

maria - you are just as spoilt as i am with the weather we are having!

so head on over to maria's blog and check out her 10 on 10 for april! thanks for following along...