10 on 10 february

february 10 on 10 - a snapshot of our day

happy family day bc, i hope you are all enjoying the day off from work and school. here is my second 10 on 10 canadian edition - with some very talented and lovely ladies you can follow along to see.

this is a post about one of our family days: pretty chill, lots of cuddles in bed and then a walk to the lake.  i'm not sure what we have planned for today. i know ruben has french toast on the menu for this morning, and i am really looking forward to that!

enjoy your day everyone! below are my fav 10 images:

waking up, little toes stretching

feb 10 on 10 5.jpg

tickle monster jumps in for hugs and cuddles

feb 10 on 10 9.jpg

mommy kisses

feb 10 on 10-10.jpg

hiding from us now

feb10 on 10 - 3.jpg
feb 10 on 10 16.jpg

meeting new friends at the frozen lake

feb 10 on 10 12.jpg
feb 10 on 10 14.jpg
feb 10 on 10 13.jpg

eskimo kisses on our walk

feb 10 on 10 15.jpg

penelope's favourite night time routine - a farm bath (fam baff)


please head over to Maria's blog to see her 10 on 10 - she just got back from vacation the lucky duck: http://mariaangerilli.com/photojournal/2014/10-on-10-february