10 on 10 january

portraits of my middle child. january 10 on 10.

This year I am taking part of a 10 on 10 project with 4 other Canadian photographers, where we will post 10 photos on the 10th of every month. you get to take a little trip across canada and follow our little blog circle to see what the lives of 5 photographers looks like. I feel very lucky to be a part of this group of ladies. not only are they extremely talented - they are kind, supportive and just lovely! so when you are done reading make sure to click on the next link at the bottom!

i wasn't planning on using these photos of olivia for my january post. i took them a few days ago when the sun was pouring in - something i have missed over the dark holidays. i played with the light and shadows while she watched tv and captured my 10 photos. by the end she figured out what i was up to and started hiding her face.

now head over to maria's blog to see her 10 photos for january....  maria angerilli photography