10 on 10 july

yesterday the girls spent the day at their grandparents house. vavo and vovo have a tonn of plum trees in their yard. so my kids got the idea to come home with a big box of plums and sell them outside of our house. 

the girls for some reason are always trying to make a buck, and it's exhausting the things they come up with. i told them that it was too hot and no one would buy plums from them.

i was wrong.

They sold every plum. sold out. and made 20 bucks. so yah - i heard a lot of "i TOLD you we could sell them mommy!"

never underestimate these kids i guess - but they are little con artists, they had sad faces for people passing by and were jumping and also recruited the neighbours kids as staff to help out with their sales. and how do they know to write 'organic' on all their signs to sucker people in??!

sigh... what am i going to do with these girls?

Here are some photos i took of them in action...

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