10 on 10 may

hello may 10 on 10! and happy mother's day week-end to all you awesome hard working moms!

i myself feel haggered from this past month, it just seems to be a crazy time of year for us. the kids have a lot going on, ruben has a lot happening at work heading into another summer season, and my day job keeps me so busy that when i look up - the day is already over.

i feel a little guilty taking my 10 on 10 photos from a quick bath time routine the other night, but that's just how it worked out. i will try and provide something more interesting next month! the pressure is on as our little blog circle has expanded quite a bit. it has grown from 5 photographers to 11! so please get a bigger, hotter cup of coffee and click through each blog, i am sure you won't be disappointed. enjoy your saturday flaking out computer time...

Now head on over to Corrie's blog to check out her 10 on 10 for may! http://www.corrielindroosphotography.com/10-10/