10 on 10 november

i can't believe it is november. it feels like our lives are so busy with kids, school and work that it all goes too fast. like scary fast. over the next few weeks we will be busting our butts moving and settling into our new place. i'm not a mover, i'm a routine, steady, organized person (boring i know). i have a few friends that have moved so many times, and they seem to do it with grace. i feel haggered, confused and tired.

so i impressed myself with stealing 15 mins at the park across from our new place with the kids one day after school. we like to cruise around our new hood. i'm sure the people we bought our house from think we are a bunch of creeps. i can't stick to just 10 photos, because you need to see how the quiet walk around the park becomes a full blown leaf fight. 

here is my 10 (ish) on 10 for november! (corrie's link is at the end of this post!)