10 on 10 september

we've moved!

this summer we took a big leap of faith and sold the house which we have lovingly renovated but sadly out grown. for my 10 on 10 this month i selected a few photos of the very last day in our family home.

moving was no joke. packing up a family of five - 3 little hoarders really, and staying sane was a lot of work. i have a new found respect for my girlfriends who have moved more than once over the past few years!

out of all the kids, i thought penny would be the easiest during the whole transition, but its been pretty hard on her. she cries to go home and really misses her little space. it's hard to explain to her that we've sold a house and will be moving into a new one soon. poor thing. 

packing up was difficult for ruben and i. we reminisced about what the house used to look like, about how much work we put into this or that, all the memories that we had there and how this is the only home that welcomed our little babies.

so for all these reasons, i wanted to make sure i captured a few images of the kids just one last time before we said goodbye to it.

thank you for being good to us little home. we miss you a lot!

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