some recents....

So g-ma is here, safe and sound...all settled into her place, conveniently a block away from my house perfect for a little "do you guys wanna go visit g-ma???!!!" - time. But it wasn't like I planned it that way...or did I? Well, whatever it is, it's quite a lucky little place, as we have easily found about six or so 4 leaf clovers there...which I googled and you will typically find 1 four leaf clover to every 10,000 three leaf clovers. So what are the odds of that happening then? 

The girls are doing well...Elise is growing up so fast and stretching right out and is looking taller to me. She's really into writing things out. I have to tell her the letters as she goes, but she is super proud to label the pictures that she draws. 

Olivia is enjoying her dance classes a lot and has been showing us her moves when she gets home...we have to try not to laugh and keep a strait face because she will rip a strip off you if she catches you giggling at her. 

Both girls are in the same preschool class this year...which I have had mixed emotions about, because they are so close in age and I don't want them to do EVERYTHING together. But the pro's are that it's one drop off, and there is an Urban Cup and starbucks right there by the school. So it works for me :) They've also both been "Superstar Students" about 2 times each... the superstar student of the day gets to be the teachers special helper and gets a cool sticker medal thingy to wear for the day. So it's either their not rotating the students properly for the special helper job, or I just have some stellar kids. hmmmm...I'm not going to say which one I think it is.

Oh yes, and Elise at the age of 4 and a half is truly smitten. And needs to learn her days of the week. Today for school she wanted to wear a real fancy poufy pink skirt, with leggings and a tank top. It looked more like something you would wear to a birthday party. Anyways, she wanted her hair done as well. We get to school and she marches in like she owns the place with a big smile. The first thing she asks the teacher is "where is Tom?" (which is not his real name) Well, she found out that her boy friend is only there on Fridays (and I'm sure we went through this last week as well) so tonight we are getting ready for bed and she's like "Mommy, is tomorrow Friday????" and I say "yup tomorrow is Friday" then she starts doing a happy dance and singing "I'm going to see MY Tom tomorrow" errr.... "MY Tom?" yah... "MY Tom". Poor guy.... I'm not sure he knows what he's in for tomorrow. Does this stuff really start this soon? On the bright side, I'm pretty sure Elise is well on her way for learning her days of the week now.