How is my baby THREE already? Where does the time go? I don't know if I'm ready for the three's. I know people always say "oh, it's the terrible two's" but obviously...they've just never been through the three's. The three's are different - more emotional, they can back chat you more, give you more sass, run faster and hit harder. I found the three's to be MUCH harder than the two's...and here we go again. 

To do a little birthday thing for Miss O, we took her to build a bear with two friends, she picked out a Rudolph stuffie, and within an hour he was confiscated because of bad behaviour. So, she will get him back tomorrow and hopefully we won't have too much attitude. But three is also awesome, I love how outgoing and confident my little girl is, I love her sense of humour and how much she lights up our home. I love watching the bond between her and Elise and even though they fight. a lot. they defend each other too. This week I got mad at Elise and while I was doing my pointy-finger-angry-lecture, Olivia pipes in "Mommy! You DON'T talk to my sister like that!" She had her arms crossed, brow down and had put her little body in between Elise and I... and was there to save her sister. After everything was dealt with, I thought to, I'm in for so much trouble later.

And it really was just like yesterday Olivia came into this world, I remember one of the nurses called her "LucyLoo" and she took her for a little bit so that I could sleep. I remember how small her little face was, and how she was such a happy baby. And I remember how much Elise loved her sister from day one. So here are a few old pictures that I went through, and each one had me smiling and pouting at the same time, that it just goes by way too fast. We love you LivvyLoo, more than you will ever know! Happy birth day my big girl xoxo