december 27 2010

December has been a kind of sucky month for us. Two seconds after my last post, after I was soooo looking forward to Olivia's birthday, right after I shut down my computer...I hear Olivia throwing her bed. Like ALL over her bed, her sister, pillows, stuffies...everything. Poor girl not only got lots of presents for her birthday, but got the stomach flu as well. So the next day she was pretty sad and just laid in bed all day. Elise didn't know what to do with herself, because never before had her sister laid in bed all day and not played with her. Olivia got to see what that was like when about 4 days later, Elise got the bug and threw up all over the same bed (with freshly washed sheets) her sister, stuffies and pillows. Good times! And I'm not sure exactly why the stomach bug hits at 12:30 at night....but it does. But after the girls got better - they had their year end dance recitals which was pretty cute and special because it was Olivia's first one. And I wasn't sure how she would be...would she be nervous? shy? because she is pretty outgoing and loud, but you just never know when it comes to dancing in front of a bunch of strangers. For the recital they danced to 'slippery fish' and Olivia was...Olivia. she danced her little heart out and at the end reminded everyone to clap for her. Was really cute.

So here are a few pics of our December...didn't take very many, just been too busy...but I hope you all had a wonderful xmas! xoxo


sickie birthday girl

ok...and don't be too stunned here ...but look...some non-motherless pictures! LOL...Happy Holidays!