it's December!

Life has been so busy lately, that I have been really bad about taking photos. December is a busy month for us, it's Olivia's birthday, my birthday, my brother's bday, christmas concerts, year end ballet performances. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I like busy, and love the holidays, but with it I seem to loose my mind a bit...forget where I put my keys, or phone... or where did I park at Costco today? But anyways, I made a bit of time to get some quick pictures of the girls, and printed my christmas cards up! Can't guarantee any will be mailed, but they are in my purse to hand out. 

As for the shopping, I am trying to keep things light and not go overboard, I don't usually anyways, but I have to remind myself that it's just one day, and chances are the kids will never remember what i got them this year, but will more likely remember the crafts we did, baking cookies together and just spending happy times doing things together. And that's what I want them to remember...the music...the smells...and how much we love them to pieces. We did a massive toy clean up and donated a tonne of stuff to the salvation army the other day. And the house feels sooooo much better without all the clutter, and the kids don't even miss any of the stuff that I donated. So after a quick Ikea trip this week-end...we will be into the full swing of putting a tree up, getting things decorated and everything christmas. Our outside lights are already up, and so they have been since last christmas (yes, we are one of those houses that never took them down) and I laugh every time I back out the driveway and see them. Especially in the summer months.

well it's late...mama needs some sleep. Hope you all have a wonderful week! Here are a few pictures from the week-end of my little monkeys