Who are these kids???

Today we went on one of the longest shortest walks I have ever been on. What I mean by that is that we went on a 2 hour walk that that was probably only half a km. I let the girls go at their own pace, they stopped and played, threw rocks in a pond....Elise checked every daffodil and tulip for Tinkerbelle, and Olivia collected rocks and sticks and made sure I kept them all in my pockets.

The part that shocked me on this walk, was that they actually sat together for a photo. Like sat there, sat there. Then they posed and wanted me to take their photo. So we took some and then they wanted to see themselves and were laughing hysterically. It was cute...but short lived.

Because after a few minutes they were both shoving each other out of the way to get their photo. 

So here is the one of the photos I got before the cat claws came out: