Beach Day

Went to the beach this week with the girls and got a taste of the summer that's just around the corner. Surprisingly, the water was actually not that bad to dip your feet into. There were lots of families who had the same idea to hit the beach. Of course Elise and Olivia picked the log right beside the lady who was all zen'd out reading her book with her ipod and shades, I'm sure she she was thinking "please go anywhere but right beside me" While I truck on in with my buckets, spades, hula hoop and whatever other excessive but not really needed beach gear I had with me. 

Olivia was obsessed with watching the seaweed swirl around in the ocean. She said the water "had hair", and just stood there staring ...for what seemed like a long time....probably wondering why the HECK does this water have hair??!!! Elise pretended to be a princess mermaid stranded on land, and then practiced writing her name in the sand. It was a very very good day.