Yesterday the girls and I decided we needed to go for some fresh air and get out of the house before dance class. It was sort of a last minute decision, so we had to rush out of the house and find somewhere for our walk. We usually do the golf course because it is so close, but since our last time there and the attack of the ducks, Elise wanted to have nothing to do with it. So we drove around for a bit and ended up at Mt. Tolmie. 

The girls brought along their Easter baskets and had fun picking the "yellow flowers" aka dandelions. Olivia collected rocks and sang while we walked. It was a lovely break away. I keep forgetting how pretty it is up there, next time we go, I think we'll plan better so that we can enjoy it longer. 

Doesn't Elise look so grown up in these photos? She is such a little girl now. I get so sentimental when I think back when she was just a baby, or when I see old photos of her and her face was so chubby. I mean, it was just like yesterday. 





After our walk and ballet, Elise and I hung out for a bit while Olivia napped... 

























She was starting to get a bit tired, and I love that she went and got blue bear. Anyone who knows us, knows how well loved blue bear is by Elise, he's totally part of the family, and I still get heart attacks if I can't find him. Doesn't he have the sweetest face ever???