With love from Jamaica

My mom sent up some dresses for the girls from Jamaica, and as soon as they saw them they put them on right away. We called Grandma first and they both told Grandma "thankyouforthedressgrandma!!!!" and then ran off to put them on. So as promised...here are a few photos from the day. It was such a nice evening we decided to go and watch daddy plant the new cedars in the front.

And a few other snapshots from our week.

Here is Elise after we had fun putting make-up on.


Then we took a break and I made the girls raspberry steam milks, which they love.


and then after Olivia took things into her own hands with the make-up.

Eise went through my mail while I was opening it and ran down the hallway with this ...later on I saw she had taped it to my door. So I left it there. 

Yay! New dresses





Thank you Grandma...they love them!