Relaxing week-end

Hah, funny as I typed 'Relaxing Week-end" I hear Olivia screaming because her and Elise are fighting over a Dora chair. Well... it was a relaxing Saturday. The girls went with the grandparents for their Saturday together and Ruben and I worked on the backyard. The wall he built looks sooooo good. We have a brand new flower bed with rhodos, japonicas, hostas, dahlias, lavender, some spikey grass things and a hydrangea. It looks lovely around the new wall. I can't wait to finish our projects in the back yard and enjoy the summer months. I met up with Jenny yesterday for some "man" photos for Scott and his new website. And then got a chance to snuggle with Morley - the newest member of the Reed-Dickson household. Half Yorkie, half Maltese. She is just so so so adorable, and poor Scott is now REALLY outnumbered in a house of 4 women.

We are no where near getting a dog, but to play and snuggle with a new puppy is perfect for now :) 

In other news. Olivia is on about day 4 or 5 of no diapers! She will go the whole day without them on...when and how did this happen? I still don't know. Maybe it's having a big sister, maybe she's just sick of diapers... She will only wear underwear and it's a real fight to get her in a diaper at night time. So we wait until she is asleep to slip a diaper on her, some mornings the diaper is dry, some mornings it is not. So pretty soon I think we will be diaper-less! Yay!

Elise had her dress rehearsal today for her ballet performance at UVIC on the 12th. Her class will be dancing to Snow White - High Ho. Their outfits are little plaid skirts with black suspenders. I will be honest and say that I sort of expected them to be all over the stage and bumping into each other, but instead I was surprised to see some well organized little ballerinas. they were just TOO adorable and I can't wait to see her dance again with her class. Hope you all had a great week-end too!




Here is a pic of Morley on mommy's she not just the cutest thing???