School's (almost) out

I think there is only about a week left of school and it seems like everything is busy busy this week. On Tuesday the girls have their final gymnastics class and will be getting their little ribbons...Wednesday is Elise's final ballet class, Thursday is sport going to preschool 5 days a week. I'm so done. Stuff that still needs to get done is: teachers gifts....and something??? for fathers day.

I'm really excited about the summer days ahead and look forward to laying on a blanket at the water park. I already stocked up on some summer essentials: big beach umbrella, 3d chalk, summer tanks and swim suits. If you have never tried the 3d chalk before, I highly recommend it! It's sooo cool! Elise wears the green glasses in the house now, and doesn't want to take them off.

Here are some photos... (bad ones) from this week.


The face I usually get:


Sisterly love....

Fort on a rainy day...


On Friday was Elise's year end wrap up at Lilliput, they did a beach theme and put a lot of thought and effort into the day, it was a bit of a gong show... but very touching to watch the kids graduating on to kindergarten. The teachers gave all the kids beach buckets with goodies inside and a surprise scrapbook for the parents so we could see all the stuff they did throughout the year. 

All the kids camped out and watched the slide was so cute!



Kiddies singing:


Today poor Olivia woke up sick. She had a fever and was feeling miserable... all she wanted was our cozy bed and my robe. 

Real miserable.... but the sweetest thing was watching Elise stay close to her, bringing her stuffies and cuddling with her baby sister, they fight a lot, but the love a lot too. Melts my heart.

After some Motrin kicked in we took the girls out for a drive and to their favourite place for cupcakes.


Hope you all had a great week-end too!