crazy mother takes 100 pictures of her little girls first bike ride

Today while flipping through the flyers I see little kids bikes are on sale, so I suggest that we go check them out - all the while knowing that it's already a done deal. Elise had been asking for a bike lately, so we all went out to try some out. I was so happy that the one I had been eyeing for her was her favourite to ride was between the rainbow brite bike or the hello kitty one. Really a win-win, because both bikes were so cute. But in the end she chose the Hello Kitty one because it had a seat for blue bear, and a little zip up bag in the front for all her treasures.

It was really hard to explain to Olivia why she wasn't getting a bike too, we have 2 tricycles at home and there is no need for another bike. So we told her she could pick something from the store. She wanted a pack of gum and was as happy as ever that we bought her a pack of just have to love 2 year olds. 

As soon as we got home Elise grabbed blue bear, put him in the little chair and grabbed all her lipgloss and stuffed her little bag in the front full of it. It is THE perfect bike for her! She rides it so well...



Smiles were a bit out of hand.... LOL



Our favourite water park just opened up for the we went there a few times this past week for a picnic or two. I love my little girl's hair when it's curled from the sunscreen, water spray and a day of fun!


We also did lots of gardening this week, we scored some pretty good plants from the Butchart Gardens plant sale, and here's our new gnome "Joao Manuel" Ruben hates him and keeps pushing him over...but I think he's pretty adorable. 


While we were out gardening this week, the girls ran inside and grabbed their blankets, pillows and books and told us they were going camping and sleeping outside, it got pretty cold and windy but they laid outside in the grass for a while pointing at clouds and cuddling their bears.

And this is what happens if Olivia finds a piece of saran wrap...super hero goggles. She was pretty proud of herself for making them.

And also happy to sit in the kitchen waiting for a spoon or bowl to lick.