Summer is finally here

So after all my months and months of moaning and groaning about it being too cold, it goes from a cool 17 degrees to like 31, no slow build up to the warm weather or a few buffer days of it getting warm, just the next day - HOT. I don't mind it being nice and warm, but the other day Ruben's truck said 43 on it. 

So I got called into work a few times and practically ran because of the AC they have in there. Ruben has promised to set up the AC's this week-end in the house, so if we get a another couple of roasting days, we should be ok.

The girls are in a summer camp pre-school. This is the first time ever Olivia has gone to a drop off type of activity, and lets just say, I barely get a good-bye kiss they are so happy to go off and play. Here are a few mandatory milestone photos:

(Olivia's first day of pre-school)

Here is what I see laying at the beach under our umbrella:



Elise being goofy


And on that day where we almost melted, I whipped out the ice-cream machine and made some ice-cream. Olivia says YUM....



And this is where mama cools off at night...on the deck under the stars with a drink. Yes this is going to be a nice summer indeed.