Yesterday we went for a drive and ended up in Chemainus, it was so hot yesterday, the perfect day for cotton candy ice-cream. So we stopped in at an ice cream store on the strip and the girls were being little angels - grateful for the loaded up sugary cone. After they finished their cones, they drank some water and politely put the cups back inside the ice-cream shoppe. Well, Ms. Ruth, a special kind of lady took notice of the girls good behaviour and rewarded the girls with a 5 dollar coin for the candy shop. They were ecstatic! More sugar! The coin came in a little black bag which they shared to carry and skipped on the footsteps towards the shop. At the Hansel & Gretel store we met "the witch" and the girls both chose two mystery boxes. There I found out that Ms. Ruth buys these 5 dollar coins out of her own pocket and gives them out to the kids. A real pay it forward type of person. So generous and so lovely, she really made an impression on the girls, like some really cool fairy god mother that gave them a magic coin. So wherever you are Ms. Ruth- thank you! The girls LOVED IT!