It was so nice to be surprised that we had family coming to town...that we had not seen since...geez...4 years? The girls had never met their aunt and uncle so off we went and spent 3 days with them. We did a lot of visiting...snuck off and enjoyed some wine without the kids (thanks aunt debra) and had a great time mini golfing in the rain - i think the men took the mini golfing seriously, and Debbie and I got stuck making sure kids didn't end up in the ponds.

Olivia got so attached to her Uncle John up there, that when it was time to go she kept pulling him by the hand towards our van telling him to come with her. Once we started driving she burst into the real deal, no faking. crying and crying for us to stop the van and go get uncle John. Just broke my heart. When we got home the girls left them a voice mail saying good-bye again. 

We hope you guys had a safe trip home and look forward to our next reunion!