1 month old!

I can't believe she is already a month old. Maybe it is the lack of sleep? but it doesn't seem like it was 4 weeks ago that she was born.

She is the sweetest baby ever, doesnt cry or fuss, but grunts A LOT. I don't realize how noisy she is until I take her out and people ask if she is ok. She loves to sleep and smile but we are still waiting for her first real social smile. Ruben and I are trying pretty hard to see who gets it first. Hopefully me because I am the one up with her all night! Last night she actually slept 3 hours strait, and I felt like a new person with the extra hour of sleep.

Here are some photos of miss nella pea growing bigger! I weighed her yesterday and she is 9 and a half pounds! That is a huge difference from the 5 lb 15 oz baby we took home with little stick legs. She is so sweet I could just eat her up...

penny web0038.jpg
penny web0051.jpg
penny web0055.jpg
penny web0069.jpg
penny web0083.jpg
penny web0131.jpg
penny web0086.jpg
penny web0097.jpg
penny web0099.jpg
penny web0107.jpg
penny web0156.jpg
penny web0171-1.jpg
penny web0183.jpg
penny web0171.jpg
penny web0200.jpg
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penny web0223.jpg
penny web0251.jpg