my baby is one

it's been a very busy christmas season - with ruben working, the girls home from school and everything that goes with the holidays. Somewhere in the madness our sweet little penelope has turned 1. and i'm really not sure how a year has gone by so quickly, but it has because i also started working again this past week. which has been kind of awesome... sitting in a quiet office drinking my coffee in silence. 

Penelope is growing so much these days, she started walking on her birthday, has 7 teeth, is a horrible sleeper and loves to read books. just like elise she hates getting her photo taken so this is the only recent photo i have of her. well, a photo that is not from my phone. her favourite show is "do-da" (dora) and her happiest time of day is playing or watching her sisters. She is growing up to be quite a loud little monkey, because even though she's the smallest in the house she sort of rules the place. i tell her all the time that she is lucky she is so cute. and in the few minutes i took to type this ruben has informed me that she now has her first blackeye. oh lord.....