august 10 on 10

this month i am participating in a blog circle called 10 on 10 - where you take 10 photos on the 10th of the month and at the end of the post you click on the link to get directed to a fellow photographer and keep going until you go full circle - so be sure to click on the link! 

i worked on the 10th of this month, and wasn't sure if i would make my 10 photos with such little time. after work we went out for dinner in metchosin at my chosen cafe. super yummy homestyle food. afterwards on the way home we saw a sign for witty's lagoon and decided to pop by to see what the beach was like. so gorgeous. i think it's the softest sand i've seen yet here on the island, it was such a beautiful spot. 

unfortunately olivia was feeling really sick, and bawling and rolling around on the sand. so we had to leave. elise was too cool to take any photos or even look my way... so here are the 10 shots i got from the beach in the few minutes we were there.

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