glowing mom to be | victoria bc maternity photographer

I met up with this lovely family a few weeks ago and had such a good time photographing them. We went out for a coffee and then enjoyed the warmer weather down at the beach. I couldn't stop smiling while editing these - such a happy and sweet family. Mom has the cutest belly ever! And this little guy will be such an awesome big brother.

baby makes 5 | victoria bc family photographer

Teresa has the cutest baby bump and the most adorable little men. We got together one evening to take some photos before life runs away with us and this baby makes his/her appearance.

What’s crazy is that it feels just like yesterday that I was doing her last maternity shoot. But her boys are little guys now, throwing rocks, climbing trees and doing little cute boy stuff.  

Here are some of my favourites from our evening walk to the beach…

sweet family of five | victoria bc family photographer

earlier this week i got chance to spend a lovely fall afternoon with this family of five. i was a little nervous before i got to their place because they have some pretty talented photographers in their family/friends circle. 

however, i was relieved when i realized they were guinea pig pro's (from being photographed so much). they were so relaxed and easy going, it made for a great family shoot. i actually didn't want to go home. my only regret is that we don't live closer. if we did, i am sure mom and i would commiserate together during peak seasons as both our husbands are chefs. and we both love coffee. and more than likely wine - haha.

and their kids are seriously so sweet. they showed me their rooms, lego builds, crystals and drawings. it was such a pleasure getting to know them all!

here are some of my fav shots from their shoot...

morning play date | victoria bc family photographer

i've been photographing these littles from the time they were tiny newborns. and every year i look forward to seeing them and capturing their family photos. and every year we get one step closer to getting a photo of brother and sister smiling in the same frame - haha

this year we met up at the beach. when i walked down to the shore there was no one there but an eagle perched on some driftwood which was amazing to see! it was a really beautiful morning, the kids played and ran around, but before you knew it - the weather changed and it was time to go. so we hit up a coffee shop on the way into town. the kids warmed up and played while mom and dad got some time to chill.

here are some of my favourite photos from our morning together :)


backyard family fun | victoria bc photographer

last week-end i had the pleasure of photographing this busy family of 2 active boys. we decided to keep things as low key as possible. so we started off at home, i had a great time getting to know them all - the boys showed me around their backyard, their cool little garden with lots of treasures, all the veggies they helped mom grow. i felt pretty special when they built me some lego pieces, and i also met 'bear' and 'polar bear'.

after exploring and playing we went to the beach for a few snaps there and finished off back at home with sprinklers and cake! the perfect family shoot. i had so much fun. here are some of my favourite shots...

the many faces of penelope

2 mins worth of portraits of my favourite little monkey

10 on 10 july

yesterday the girls spent the day at their grandparents house. vavo and vovo have a tonn of plum trees in their yard. so my kids got the idea to come home with a big box of plums and sell them outside of our house. 

the girls for some reason are always trying to make a buck, and it's exhausting the things they come up with. i told them that it was too hot and no one would buy plums from them.

i was wrong.

They sold every plum. sold out. and made 20 bucks. so yah - i heard a lot of "i TOLD you we could sell them mommy!"

never underestimate these kids i guess - but they are little con artists, they had sad faces for people passing by and were jumping and also recruited the neighbours kids as staff to help out with their sales. and how do they know to write 'organic' on all their signs to sucker people in??!

sigh... what am i going to do with these girls?

Here are some photos i took of them in action...

(please click on the link at the bottom of this post to see Corrie's 10 on 10)

10 on 10 april

Last week i took the girls out to do some location scouting for my cousins up-coming wedding. the first photo i took, i asked them to pose like a bride and groom and this is what i got - haha... (susan & rob - take notes!)  after that, they were busy collecting shells, looking for seals and climbing all over the rocks.

the beach had these adorable blue adirondack chairs that overlooked to open ocean, it was truly breath taking being there. ruben and i agreed that one evening we should go back sans kids and have a coffee together. you know... without the screaming kids that scare you to death that they will fall off the cliff side.

so anyways - while i took these i thought of all my lovely canadian friends who are not having such great weather. jodi, sonja & geneve - anytime you want to come visit, you know you have an island travel guide right here! :)

maria - you are just as spoilt as i am with the weather we are having!

so head on over to maria's blog and check out her 10 on 10 for april! thanks for following along...

mar: elise is 8

my personal challenge theme for march was - elise! my lovely sweet firstborn. my first pancake.

i remember the day she was born it snowed. i held her in my arms and she looked strait into my eyes as if she knew everything about us. i always felt elise was wiser than her years. which isn't always a good thing. there is no persuading or distracting her once she has set her mind to something, no fooling this kid - trust me!

but she is also one of the most thoughtful people i know. always thinking of her sisters and wanting to do good. you can usually find her in her room drawing images to a story she has written or making a friend a rainbow loom bracelet. 

her favourite bedtime story would be any story from my childhood where i would tell her all about growing up in jamaica, and all the silly things i used to do at her age - she loves it! and while i love all my kids the same, i know that when i'm old and grey that elise will be the one out of the three girls driving me around town to fill my old lady prescriptions. olivia will probably be on a concert tour - but that's a whole other blog story...

here are some random facts on elise as of now:

favorite food - chicken pot pie

favorite animal - wolf

favorite thing to do - play hockey with daddy

what will you be when you grow up? - a traveller

favorite colour - blue

favorite movie - Rio

what is something you wish for? - a dog 

what makes you happy? - when someone tries to make me laugh

what age do you look forward to and why? - 12, because then i can walk home by myself

why do you like being a kid? - because math is easy

what advice would you give your parents? - nothing, i don't really give advice to people

what do you love most about your sisters? i can play with them and i'm not alone

what are you good at? - writing

what do you hope you will get to do before your next birthday? - have a sleepover at lizzy lee.

what is your best memory? going to hawaii with my family!


coffee date downtown | victoria bc family photographer

i met up with Des and the family this week for a photo shoot downtown, and boy was it ever a reminder of the cold here - far from that lovely sunshine in hawaii. luckily for me, kids seem to be resistant to the cold and the boys were happy to be outside. 

Des has the same problem that I have (and most of the moms I know!) which is - we are never in any photos, so I tried to get as many shots of her with the boys as possible. because i know she has a nice fancy camera at home filled with photos of all her boys.

After finishing her photos it has reminded me that mother's day is coming up. it will be a great time for me to start putting together a mothers day package for all you moms out there. stay tuned.

For now here are some shots from our coffee date downtown...