monthly theme

mar: elise is 8

my personal challenge theme for march was - elise! my lovely sweet firstborn. my first pancake.

i remember the day she was born it snowed. i held her in my arms and she looked strait into my eyes as if she knew everything about us. i always felt elise was wiser than her years. which isn't always a good thing. there is no persuading or distracting her once she has set her mind to something, no fooling this kid - trust me!

but she is also one of the most thoughtful people i know. always thinking of her sisters and wanting to do good. you can usually find her in her room drawing images to a story she has written or making a friend a rainbow loom bracelet. 

her favourite bedtime story would be any story from my childhood where i would tell her all about growing up in jamaica, and all the silly things i used to do at her age - she loves it! and while i love all my kids the same, i know that when i'm old and grey that elise will be the one out of the three girls driving me around town to fill my old lady prescriptions. olivia will probably be on a concert tour - but that's a whole other blog story...

here are some random facts on elise as of now:

favorite food - chicken pot pie

favorite animal - wolf

favorite thing to do - play hockey with daddy

what will you be when you grow up? - a traveller

favorite colour - blue

favorite movie - Rio

what is something you wish for? - a dog 

what makes you happy? - when someone tries to make me laugh

what age do you look forward to and why? - 12, because then i can walk home by myself

why do you like being a kid? - because math is easy

what advice would you give your parents? - nothing, i don't really give advice to people

what do you love most about your sisters? i can play with them and i'm not alone

what are you good at? - writing

what do you hope you will get to do before your next birthday? - have a sleepover at lizzy lee.

what is your best memory? going to hawaii with my family!


feb: hearts!

well february has come to an end and it's sad that i can't think of anything interesting to report. kids were sick all month, so now we are just looking forward to spring and our trip to hawaii next week!

my personal theme for feb was hearts, and if we didn't have this hallmark holiday to get us through the month, i'm not sure what would have. the girls had lots of fun making valentines cards for all their friends at school. olivia told me that she is a love expert. i asked her what a love expert means and her response was - someone who knows everything about love and can give advice. so if anyone is having a crisis, you know where to get some sound advice ;)

Hope everyone had a great february! now lets bring on some warm weather!


jan: all that glitters is....


gold was my personal challenge theme for january. i tried to capture as many gold images as i could for the past month, but my project didn't end up being as great as i thought it would be. first off - the lighting is pretty sad in january, by the time i got home from work, i barely had any time to take any photos. and second - the kids have been so so sick it isn't even funny. so here are my overdue images of january. our sad, gloomy sick month. i'm hoping february will be better to us!