Evan & Jess Married | Victoria BC Photographer

Most photographers don't usually meet their client the day of their client's wedding day. But Jess and Evan had other plans for me. Jess was no ordinary bride - a real DIY girl who made her own bouquet, fixed up her altar and was washing up not long before she said her vows. I met Evan earlier in the day as well while he was carrying loads of ice up into a barn. I had no idea who he was because Jess was standing right there sweeping up the barn, like no big deal. I quickly figured out how laid back this wedding was going to be then and there, and LOVED it!

I think everyone should get married this way! I believe this wedding would fall under the "documentary style" category, as Evan and Jess were truly there to be with each other, get married and have a good time surrounded by family and friends. 

And the shots of the sisters getting ready had me so choked up. I can only hope my girls will be as close as these two sisters one day. 

Here are some of my favourite snaps from their day!