Lagos, Portugal

Lagos was the last stop of our trip and the most bittersweet. We found out that we lost our grandpa while we were there, it rained and poured and we were all blue thinking about heading back home. Lagos was probably the priciest place we stayed in, there weren't really a lot of cheap eats which is what we usually try and find. We did find one little hidden restaurant that we enjoyed. We watched the chef prepare lunch for a local soccer team while we enjoyed ours. After the soccer guys left the chef closed his door for lunch and we watched him and his staff of 2 enjoy a bottle of wine and their own meal, which looked so good. Ok I just had to google map to find the restaurant, looks like others love it too ( Casinha do Petisco )

The beaches were quite crowded during the daytime which makes me paranoid with the kids. So I begged for us to go back on our last evening. No one really wanted to go, Ruben knows me too well and knew I was really trying for a good photo op. So after all my whining we went back, and had one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen - all to ourselves. heh heh. Anyways, here are some of my favourite photos from Lagos: