susan & rob : married {victoria bc wedding photographer}

in my head, when i think of my cousin, our ages are all distorted. we are only like 2 years apart, but when you are growing up - those two years make you feel SO much older, and SO much cooler. so when i walked into her hotel room on her wedding day, it took my breath away. my little cousin...getting married. 

it was a beautiful ceremony - one which i put my camera down for, (and then shortly after wished that i had stored some kleenex in my bra like the girls all did. must remember to do that next time) i watched as my cousin got married to an amazing guy. i learnt a lot about rob that day. how he gets susan, and how susan gets him. it is sweet to watch them together. and his family is just so lovely, such good people.

so anyways, i'm no seasoned wedding photographer...but i sure did have fun bossing my cousin and rob around. rob and susan - sorry for making you guys do all sorts of lovey dovey things! (i know you both secretly loved it haha)... here are some of my favourites....

wishing you both a long and happy life together <3