sweet family of five | victoria bc family photographer

earlier this week i got chance to spend a lovely fall afternoon with this family of five. i was a little nervous before i got to their place because they have some pretty talented photographers in their family/friends circle. 

however, i was relieved when i realized they were guinea pig pro's (from being photographed so much). they were so relaxed and easy going, it made for a great family shoot. i actually didn't want to go home. my only regret is that we don't live closer. if we did, i am sure mom and i would commiserate together during peak seasons as both our husbands are chefs. and we both love coffee. and more than likely wine - haha.

and their kids are seriously so sweet. they showed me their rooms, lego builds, crystals and drawings. it was such a pleasure getting to know them all!

here are some of my fav shots from their shoot...