glowing mom to be | victoria bc maternity photographer

I met up with this lovely family a few weeks ago and had such a good time photographing them. We went out for a coffee and then enjoyed the warmer weather down at the beach. I couldn't stop smiling while editing these - such a happy and sweet family. Mom has the cutest belly ever! And this little guy will be such an awesome big brother.

baby makes 5 | victoria bc family photographer

Teresa has the cutest baby bump and the most adorable little men. We got together one evening to take some photos before life runs away with us and this baby makes his/her appearance.

What’s crazy is that it feels just like yesterday that I was doing her last maternity shoot. But her boys are little guys now, throwing rocks, climbing trees and doing little cute boy stuff.  

Here are some of my favourites from our evening walk to the beach…

fall favourites 2013 | belinda fontes photography :: maternity, newborn, child and family photographer, victoria BC

i had a great fall season! i couldn't ask for better clients. with every session - i enjoyed hanging out with each family, seeing how much the kids have grown, hear how everyone is doing, see babies get bigger, families grow larger and just spend time catching up. i loved doing fall minis this year, it was a great way for families to get their portraits for holiday cards to grandparents, family and friends in a short amount of time. I will probably start thinking of offering spring mini sessions in the new year, but in the mean time will look forward to doing what i love - which is photographing families in a photojournalistic way, in their homes, or hanging out at the places they love.

although I can't share every session or photo.... here are some of my favourites which i'm sure are safe to share :)


beautiful mama to be! | Victoria bc maternity photographer

I have been trying to catch up, having 3 kids at home all summer has not been easy! So I am stealing some time to put these up quickly, because I love them so much. This lovely couple is expecting their first baby soon, and I got a chance to hang out with them one summer night and take some images I hope they will enjoy. 

A & P - it was so great hanging out with you guys! Can't wait to meet baby xoxo

a day at the beach | victoria bc family photographer

it was a pleasure to meet this family and photograph them before baby number 2 arrives! i hope these images will be something that they can look back on and remember that crazy time in their lives - renovating a house, being really pregnant and raising a toddler all at the same time. i know this too well because we did the same thing, and i was lucky enough to have some photos taken from then that are very special to me still. Here are some of my favorite images from the day...