feb: hearts!

well february has come to an end and it's sad that i can't think of anything interesting to report. kids were sick all month, so now we are just looking forward to spring and our trip to hawaii next week!

my personal theme for feb was hearts, and if we didn't have this hallmark holiday to get us through the month, i'm not sure what would have. the girls had lots of fun making valentines cards for all their friends at school. olivia told me that she is a love expert. i asked her what a love expert means and her response was - someone who knows everything about love and can give advice. so if anyone is having a crisis, you know where to get some sound advice ;)

Hope everyone had a great february! now lets bring on some warm weather!


jan: all that glitters is....


gold was my personal challenge theme for january. i tried to capture as many gold images as i could for the past month, but my project didn't end up being as great as i thought it would be. first off - the lighting is pretty sad in january, by the time i got home from work, i barely had any time to take any photos. and second - the kids have been so so sick it isn't even funny. so here are my overdue images of january. our sad, gloomy sick month. i'm hoping february will be better to us!

10 on 10 january

portraits of my middle child. january 10 on 10.

This year I am taking part of a 10 on 10 project with 4 other Canadian photographers, where we will post 10 photos on the 10th of every month. you get to take a little trip across canada and follow our little blog circle to see what the lives of 5 photographers looks like. I feel very lucky to be a part of this group of ladies. not only are they extremely talented - they are kind, supportive and just lovely! so when you are done reading make sure to click on the next link at the bottom!

i wasn't planning on using these photos of olivia for my january post. i took them a few days ago when the sun was pouring in - something i have missed over the dark holidays. i played with the light and shadows while she watched tv and captured my 10 photos. by the end she figured out what i was up to and started hiding her face.

now head over to maria's blog to see her 10 photos for january....  maria angerilli photography 

family full of love | victoria bc family photographer

every year i look forward to doing mike's family photos. his family is big, chaotic, loud and so much fun to hang out with. so without missing a beat - this year we all met up on boxing day to get photos done. my last photo session of 2013. 



fall favourites 2013 | belinda fontes photography :: maternity, newborn, child and family photographer, victoria BC

i had a great fall season! i couldn't ask for better clients. with every session - i enjoyed hanging out with each family, seeing how much the kids have grown, hear how everyone is doing, see babies get bigger, families grow larger and just spend time catching up. i loved doing fall minis this year, it was a great way for families to get their portraits for holiday cards to grandparents, family and friends in a short amount of time. I will probably start thinking of offering spring mini sessions in the new year, but in the mean time will look forward to doing what i love - which is photographing families in a photojournalistic way, in their homes, or hanging out at the places they love.

although I can't share every session or photo.... here are some of my favourites which i'm sure are safe to share :)


a walk to the beach | victoria bc family photographer

last week-end i met up with teresa and her sweet family of boys to get some updated family shots with little conor - their newest addition.  i had not seen conor since he was a tiny baby, and couldn't believe the adorable little dumpling he has become. time goes so fast! when we first started talking on where to go for a walk that day, iain really wanted to keep things down to earth and go where they always go for their walks as a family. so that's where we went ... and i am glad we kept things simple, as i think it is one of the prettiest locations on the island.

here are some of my favourites:

summer 2013 | victoria bc photographer

we have kicked off our summer vacation with a little trip up island. i would love to start off by saying how magical the trip was with the kids. but honestly - it was a lot of bickering and fighting...are we there yet?...i'm cold... i'm hot...this sucks...the list goes on and on. we didn't have an agenda set or anything, we knew our favourite spots and found ourselves at combs daily enjoying ice cream and bee-stings. we also visited tiger lily farms and went at the end of the day when it was quiet and got to milk goats, feed baby farm animals and ride on ponies.

olivia was quite a treat this vacation. i'm hoping it's just a 5 year old thing and something that will pass, because seeing englishman river falls to her was 'the worst day of her life ever' LOL. our favourite stop was the kinsol trestle off shawnigan lake road. the trestle is the largest in the commonwealth - it's huge! and has been rehabilitated from its original condition so safe for everyone to walk across. 

i didn't realize how many photos i actually took until i got home and uploaded them up. so here they are - my favourite shots from our trip :)


my on the go baby sippy cup - a hole in the cap of a water bottle ;)




project 10 : hair

i recently joined a facebook group called project 10 that does monthly challenges where you post 10 images of a specific theme every month. this month's challenge was hair. and having olivia with her beautiful could i not participate?

here are my ten photos:

O'S HAIR_9350.jpg
o's hair_9358.jpg
o's hair_9379.jpg
o's hair_9394.jpg
o's hair_9403.jpg
o's hair_9409.jpg
o's hair_9413.jpg
o's hair_9438.jpg
o's hair_9457.jpg

and this is the face i get when she is done taking pics LOL

o's hair_9453.jpg

we found a bridge | victoria bc photographer

We found a bridge the other day not even two minutes from our house. Well - Ruben, who is training for his half marathon mentioned the bridge after one of his nights running and how neat it was... so the girls and I went there for a walk. I brought my camera to try and get some photos but Elise was being moody and didn't want her photo to be taken. Olivia always loves getting her photo taken, maybe a little too much. Here are some picures from our little walk...


This little girl

Stole my heart! I'm not even sure how to describe her little personality - sweet, clever, kind, gentle...? She was so adorable, and her parents - wow, is she ever so lucky to have them. Such a lovely couple to spend some time with this evening. Here is the sneak peek for Grandma that I promised.